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The HP Slate will be released to consumers the first week of November, and I’m anxious to see how this new tool can help service companies be more productive and sell more work. The released price for the HP Slate starts at $799. Expect to spend a minimum of $900 with shipping and a few extras and possibly as much as $1200 after you install MS Office.

The HP Slate is nothing like the Apple iPad. I purchased an iPad shortly after it was released thinking that it would be the next small business Tablet. It was not! Although I loved the iPad, I sold it, because it was just a big toy, and I have enough gadgets. The iPad operated off of Apps (Applications) not standard desktop software. The HP Slate, on the other hand, will operate similar to a standard desktop computer. In my opinion, that alone will blow the Apple iPad away by making it a priceless tool for a service company. My only concern about the new HP Slate is this: It is a PC running Windows! I’m really concerned that after 6 months, your once fast HP Tablet will be booting up and running at the speed of a turtle who ate a bottle of sleeping pills. I hope I’m wrong on this one!

So, give the HP Slate a try and let me know what you think. So far, it sounds like a good investment.

A Quick Background on my Tablet PC experience

Tablet computers have been out for close to 10 years, but have had 2 major problems: 1) They are very expensive and 2) Not very reliable. Despite these drawbacks, Tablet PCs have made service companies a lot of money by saving them time! I purchased my first Tablet PC in 2004 to help streamline my estimating process while working for my father’s painting business. Pre-Tablet days, I’d do a takeoff with pen and paper, drive back to the office, type in my numbers into Excel, print out the estimate and mail it or hand-deliver it to the prospect. Phew, just typing that sentence makes me tired! Anyways, when I got my Toshiba Tablet, I was able to do my takeoff, show a consumer the price and even get them to sign the proposal right on the screen, saving me 1 possibly 2 hours per estimate. A few years later, I upgraded to the smallest Tablet at the time, a Motion Computing 800. To this day, I still like that device. It was about the same size of the new HP Slate but very heavy and unreliable. My machine cost almost $3000 and broke on 2-3 occasions.

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David Chism started his business out of a passion for helping small contracting businesses grow, be more profitable and become better known to their target clients. One lifelong hobby of David is using techie gadgets. So this blog is a place where he writes about technology, marketing ideas, just for fun (humor), personal thoughts on small business and more.

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