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Posted by David Chism | Thu, Jul 29, 2010

If you are seri­ous about online mar­ket­ing and see the ben­e­fits of being on LinkedIn, Twit­ter, Face­book and YouTube, then you will like a new pro­gram called Nut­shell. Why? Because you don’t have to login to all these accounts all day long. Nut­shell com­piles a list of all the activ­i­ties that have tak­en place in your net­works and gives you an attrac­tive, easy to read, email with the updates. You can cus­tomize what you want and don’t want to see and request and email 1 to 3 times a day. It is like get­ting the morn­ing Wall Street Jour­nal but just for Social Net­work­ing. You scan the head­lines and click on the things that are of most inter­est to you. In fact, you can even com­ment and post right from your email. Nut­shell will save you loads of time! Nut­shell recent­ly merged with Con­stant Con­tact. Signup or Learn More

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