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Have you ever been discouraged to find a competitor you did not know you had above you on the first page of Google? You’ve worked hard to stay on or near the top right? You look at their web page and it looks terrible and you think, “How on earth did this one make the top rank?”

This blog post is just a quick reminder to stay the course on good web marketing practices. Don’t worry about your competitors. Just keep doing what you know is best.

So what is “best” you might ask? Be more genuine and real on your website. Google is aware that there tend to be some pretty bad websites on their search engines who are using “black hat’ techniques to get ranked. They have actively begun to crack down on these websites. Over the next year, I think you’ll notice many of those sites will get removed or moved down in the ranks. This includes video marketing too (just fyi). Those who are genuine with content and post regularly on a blog should very well be rewarded by Google.

So now you are wondering what can you write about that would be interesting to read? I’ll leave you with two ideas, 1) Continue to answer questions that your customers have about your industry or your particular company. And 2) begin writing about the projects you are doing: tell the story! Don’t be concerned if people don’t subscribe or follow you in 2013. Just stay real and consistent. Be the place that people think about when they think of your service. When they land on your website, tell your story; and tell it well!

The prompting for this particular post is because I’ve seen proof of some of the sites I’ve worked hard on practicing what I’ve preached, and they are ranking a lot better today than they did even a year ago. We didn’t change anything. We just stayed consistent and continued to write and post good information. Those spammy sites are now ranking below!

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