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Ready to get nerdy? Trust me. It’s worth it.

Kicking off a new year is an IDEAL time to get a bit more organized! I took a week off of work to spend time with my family during the holidays, and I found myself staying home and doing some of my own organizational projects. I even did some painting. I had my kids go through their rooms too and clean out the things they aren’t using anymore.

Similarly, I spent time the last few months organizing my digital filing system here at ADC. As organized as I am, I realized it was becoming more challenging to find files within my Google Drive. I decided to build out my Google Drive storage system so that all folders and files were labeled the same for each client. I have since begun to write out a procedure for my team on how to name and organize each file when we save it! I’m really excited to see this one area in my business tightened up for 2021. 

Don’t worry. We did fun stuff too.

Is Your CRM a Junk Drawer or Organized and Efficient?

With organization and tightening systems in mind, let’s talk about your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Is it time to clean up your deal sources?

I’ve been spending a lot of time helping my own clients with this, looking under the hoods of their CRMs. It’s SO easy to have too many deal (lead) sources, including labels like: “I’ve heard about you before,” “your building sign,” “the guy next door referred you,” “trucks and signs,” etc…

I’ve seen some interesting ones, that’s for sure. 

Don’t get me wrong: you want to know as best as possible where your lead source originated. That gets more challenging, however, the more branding your contracting company does around town. 

Limit Yourself To 7-10 Lead Source Categories

My suggestion is to limit your total lead sources to 7-10. If you want to drill down further, some CRMs have secondary sources built into their system, or you can use a custom field and label it “secondary lead source.” 

Here are a few suggestions for top sources for a home improvement business:

  • Social Media
  • Internet/Web
  • Previous Customer
  • Referral
  • Professional Referral
  • Prospecting/Biz Dev.
  • Seen Around/Trucks/Signs
  • Call/Text Campaign
  • Media/TV/Radio

A secondary source is more for when you want to dig into specifics. If you are spending money on a lead source that is very easy to track, such as Yelp, Houzz, or Angie’s List, go ahead and make a main source. If it’s things like “county fair” or “email blast,” that could be considered a secondary source. You can then run reports around secondary sources if you want to get nerdy with your data. 

I have a number of clients working on this suggestion, and I am beginning to see just how clean and easy it is to review marketing reports! I love it. 

What other organizational plans do you have for your business in 2021? 

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