Kingston Interiors: The Secret Society of Gentleman Painters

Posted by Adam Zobel | Tue, Oct 17, 2017

 Kingston Interiors: The Secret Society of Gentleman Painters
SIL­VER SPRING, MARY­LAND — I want to show you some­thing,” says Stan­ley Firth, staff painter at Kingston Inte­ri­ors. He approach­es a mahogany book­shelf in the com­pa­ny office and pulls out a leather-bound copy of Dick­ens. The shelf slides to reveal a hid­den room. Inside, the walls are lined with dozens of cov­er­alls hang­ing from pol­ished brass coat racks. Some are tweed with shrunk­en leather but­tons. Oth­ers have gold­en cuf­flinks and mono­grammed hand­ker­chiefs. These are our uni­forms,” he says solemn­ly, touch­ing an impec­ca­bly tai­lored set of painter’s whites. interior gentleman painters Not many peo­ple know what real­ly goes on at Kingston,” Stan­ley says. He glances at a glass dis­play case arranged with regal-look­ing paint­brush­es and wingtip work boots. There’s an ele­gance to what we do.” Known for their rep­u­ta­tion as high-end inte­ri­or painters, Kingston employs only the suavest appli­cants who can pass their inter­view with a con­vinc­ing British accent. While oth­er con­trac­tors slap paint onto hous­es, we go inside and do the fin­ish work.” He bran­dish­es a brush with a han­dle made from lac­quered oak. Before leav­ing, Stan­ley dons a pair of tai­lored wool breech­es. He paus­es in the door­way and selects a black umbrel­la from the rack. He winks. You nev­er know.”

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