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Struggling to hire? You’re not alone in the current nationwide labor shortage. 

The home improvement industry, among others, is experiencing difficulty onboarding field workers as unemployment checks entice capable workers to stay unemployed. As an Account Executive for ADC, I see this issue across the board with our clients. While it might be encouraging to see schedules filled with eager customers, work cannot be done without laborers. 

But don’t worry. We have a few ideas that might help!

How Does Hiring Fit Into Marketing?

I heard David say the other day that hiring employees is like marketing for customers – it’s just a different audience. With that in mind, our team has shifted marketing strategies for many of our clients from lead generation to a focus on hiring. 

It’s simple: let people know you’re looking. 

The reality is that many folks are continuing to receive unemployment aid, and are earning nearly as much (or more!) to stay home than they would working. However, this doesn’t mean that no one is looking for work! Perhaps college students, paying their way through school, need income over the summer break and between classes. Maybe there are people looking to gain some experience in the trades and are on the hunt for a job. And, of course, there are still people who would prefer to find meaningful work in the traditional manner, and not rely on temporary government assistance. 

How do we reach this audience? Well, for starters, LinkedIn is an easy and resourceful way to connect with people within your industry/area. If you have a LinkedIn profile or business account, take a moment to update your personal profile picture with a temporary #hiring frame. 

I’d also recommend this for all your staff members (employees)

You can make your profile standout when you are hiring. Here’s how:

1. Login to LinkedIn on a Desktop

2. Click on your profile picture

3. Click on FRAMES

4. Select the frame you want: #Hiring

5. Select APPLY

This is just one simple but effective way to grab your audience’s attention. David might write another blog that goes in-depth with strategies our team has put together to help the trades during this hiring crisis…but the bottom line remains: Do what you can to get the word out.

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