Marketing Management

Does this sound at all familiar?

Your marketing efforts start and stop sporadically, ineffectively trying to play catch-up when leads slow, then tapering down to almost nothing during your busy season.

You know you need a real, stable plan, but you aren’t sure how to make one that will meet your needs, and you’re too busy to experiment. How can you make your business grow in measurable terms?

Online marketing strategies and management tools are always evolving, and you really are not sure how to keep on top of it. After all, you have a business to run and operations to oversee.

Hiring an in-house marketing specialist sounds nice, but the budget just doesn’t allow it.

How exactly does marketing management work?

The frustrations listed above, some of which might sound too familiar for comfort, point to a need for outside marketing management help.

Our team at A David Creation specializes in filling this gap.

What do our marketing management services include?

We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced management services, tailored to your specific needs, goals, and budget. These services can include:

  • Annual budget development and a clear calendar of marketing events
  • ROI reports
  • Oversight of your marketing efforts, and management of marketing initiatives and projects
  • Social media management
  • Website design, development, and maintenance
  • Customized print and promotional materials
  • Neighborhood marketing strategies
  • …and more

What are the benefits of working with A David Creation?

  • You will have a Marketing Quarterback or Point Guard running your marketing department. You will cut wasteful spending and make wise decisions on the branding and marketing of your company
  • We offer a budget-friendly alternative to hiring an in-house marketing director
  • Our clients’ text, call, Facetime and email us all the time when they have a question or need to chat. We might be remote/outsourced, but we provide extremely personal service. You will know, like and trust the ADC staff. We are like family (no joke – 4 of us are related)
  • We have professional writers, project managers, graphic designers, and web developers available
  • ADC works with companies in your industry across the country, and we have an intimate knowledge of what works well for contracting businesses like yours
  • We’re a techie team, and we stay on top of the trends so you don’t have to
  • We can come alongside and help you create a smooth, consistent marketing plan that yields measurable growth