Marketing Mistake - Setting Aside Your Core Values

Posted by David Chism | Thu, Oct 29, 2015

 Marketing Mistake - Setting Aside Your Core Values
This post was inspired by a recent email I received from a friend and read­er of my blog after a recent post I wrote. I shared a video that had some valu­able tips for mar­ket­ing. There was, how­ev­er, a prob­lem with the video I high­ly rec­om­mend­ed” peo­ple watch. It con­tained a bit of pro­fan­i­ty, and I did NOT warn my read­ers about it. At the very least, I should have warned peo­ple that the guy used pro­fan­i­ty to get his mes­sage across and to watch the video at their own risk. My friend brought to my atten­tion that he was a lit­tle shocked that I would share this video and rec­om­mend it despite the pro­fane lan­guage because he knew it did not fit with my own Chris­t­ian val­ues. He trust­ed that my blog would always reflect good val­ues and he would not have to wor­ry about what I post. I dis­ap­point­ed him with my thought­less shar­ing of that video. He was right! He knows me very well, and he knows I am nor­mal­ly one who is care­ful about what I say, share and talk about and not let my mouth run wild. The good news is that I was able to remove the video and let my friend know I was sor­ry that it hap­pened and that I’d use bet­ter judge­ment in the future. I hope he’ll keep read­ing (and watch­ing)!

You will make mistakes,learn from themThe Les­son I Learned: Nev­er Com­pro­mise Your Core Values

Mar­ket­ing your com­pa­ny is every­thing you do, the good and the bad! It is how you answer the phone, respond to an email, and set up a job site. It’s your final leave-behind pack­age with a client and so forth. Yet mar­ket­ing is also the lit­tle things you do in your com­pa­ny that reflect your core val­ues. As a Chris­t­ian man, I try to run a com­pa­ny that is hon­est and trust­wor­thy. It is because of this that I try to pro­duce con­tent that is safe, help­ful and ben­e­fi­cial to my audi­ence, not crass. I learned a valu­able les­son from my friend who had the courage to call me out about my poor judge­ment in post­ing that video. The video had a lot of great things to say, but the guy who pro­duced it likes to use pro­fan­i­ty. I live in the real world and I have heard a fair share of pro­fane words over the years. So hear­ing pro­fan­i­ty is not nor­mal­ly a prob­lem for me. The prob­lem is when I then push that out to my read­ers and, in a sense, endorse it. So be care­ful when mar­ket­ing to your cus­tomers. Make sure you con­tin­ue to mar­ket in a way that is pro­fes­sion­al and that your cus­tomers will appre­ci­ate. They typ­i­cal­ly hire a com­pa­ny because they like and trust them. Do not dis­ap­point them by being some­one you are not just to get a point across.

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