Fun Fact: When David was just a young kid, he wrote and sold customized cards and promotional material. Every one was signed on the back with his unique brand: A David Creation. His head has always been in the game!

David was raised in the business. His father and uncle founded and ran Chism Brothers Painting, a successful and well-respected San Diego painting company. This close, invested, inside perspective instilled in David a real appreciation for small businesses, as well as a passion for marketing, development, and helping them grow.

Over time, it became obvious that David was a skilled marketer. Paired with his love for all things tech-related, he worked hard to develop ways to make his father’s business, and then others in the contracting field, as efficient, productive, and profitable as possible. 

What does David bring to the table?

  • Industry insight and experience
  • Knowledge of what’s working and what isn’t for contractors around the country
  • David has been trained in interior design, graphic design, professional selling, public speaking, social media marketing, marketing management, and more
  • Knowledge of cutting-edge tools and technology

As much as he loves work, David is most passionate about his family. He’s a father of seven children, and he and his wife Joli are deeply invested in their home schooled education. David also is involved in his local Presbyterian church serving on the building committee and as a home group leader. 

David loves grappling with problems of all kinds, finding creative solutions and ways to come out on top. That may be in part due to another passion of his: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has attended a local studio for a number of years and currently holds a blue belt. It’s his new favorite outlet for R&R, and helps him stay sharp, focused, and fit. He also loves a good game of shoot’n hoops.

Meet the Team

Cristina Vignola, Bookkeeper

Cristina works almost exclusively behind the scenes, but her bookkeeping and office management skill is beyond essential. Her oversight has allowed David to have more time for developing and growing ADC as a whole. We are so grateful that she is on the team! Cristina lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

Adam Zobel, Wordsmith & Content Writer

Adam Zobel, Copy Writer

Adam came to us with a background in teaching, writing, and a work history that included serving numerous small businesses (including assisting with content writing and marketing efforts). He was a natural fit, and enjoys connecting with our clients, creating unique content that reflects their culture and voice.

We keep him busy! Adam handles blogging, email campaigns, website content creation, copywriting for print and promotional materials, social media, letters, mailers, and more. He also does a dynamo impression of Nicolas Cage, but you didn’t hear that from us. Adam lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two boys. He is also a 1st cousin of David’s wife! 

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” -Mark Twain

Richard, Designer & Print Guru

Richard is known as the “print guru,” and he certainly lives up to the name.

Handling nearly all of our print, graphic design, and promotional material needs, Richard offers a wealth of marketing knowledge, design expertise, creativity, cost-saving ideas, and experience. From selecting paper stock to creating modern, attractive brochures, Richard is the man.

Richard and his wife reside in in Frederick, Maryland.

Melody Infinger, Business Strategist

With a masters degree in Organizational Leadership, Melody has a passion to help businesses reach their biggest goals and richest potential! Melody has been a family friend of David for close to a decade and has kept close tabs on his business since he started in 2009. After finishing an undergrad at Liberty University, Melody spent a few years in the Air Force, specializing as a meteorologist. She also worked on and completed her masters degree during that time. She is currently helping the team to grow the business. She resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Member of Summit Services
Member of Summit Services