Most Commonly Used Painters Clipart

Posted by David Chism | Sun, Aug 9, 2009

 Most Commonly Used Painters Clipart
Since my back­ground is in the paint­ing indus­try, I typ­i­cal­ly look at and cri­tique a lot of painter’s web­sites. I just had to post the #1 worst cli­part pho­to for paint­ing con­trac­tors. Paint com­pa­nies have got to become more cre­ative when design­ing their web­sites or print mate­ri­als instead of falling back” to this cli­part! There are more over­ly used cli­parts I have not post­ed in this blog strict­ly because I do not want to waste mon­ey buy­ing the art­work just to show you! If you are inter­est­ed in oth­er forms of cli­part that is out­dat­ed, send me an email. And the win­ner is… paintcans

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