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ASHEVILLE, NC – The clients of Nailed It salon have always been delighted with the service they receive. However, owner and beautician Donna Tello knew there was room for improvement. Even though she used the best nail products and application techniques, the lifespan of the manicure could only be measured in weeks. “In rare cases, a client could eek a couple months out of a nail job. We knew we had to find a way to improve these results” said Tello.

The breakthrough came from an unexpected source. As she was planning some home renovations, Mrs. Tello was reading about the longevity of premium exterior house paints. “When I read that exterior paint can last from five to eight years, I had a lightbulb moment! That was exactly what I needed for my clients!”

While the idea had obvious merit, Mrs. Tello needed to do more research before she could start using exterior paint on her clients’ fingernails. “It turns out there are several stages you need to go through before you apply the paint. It was a learning curve, I can tell you!”

Now that the process is perfected, clients of the Nailed It salon are raving about the experience! Celine Corville, 54, reported that she will never forget her first manicure using the new method. “I was skeptical when she brought out the wire brush, but she couldn’t hear my objections over the roar of the pressure washer. Before I knew it, my nails were cleaner than Martha Stewart’s countertops!”

Another client, Lucinda Godfrey, continued: “I didn’t know what to think when she brought out blue tape and began outlining my nails. Then she dipped the paint roller in the tray of primer, and I was sure this was a disaster in the making.”

For the clients who didn’t try to escape halfway through the manicure trailing painters tape wildly behind them, the payoff was amazing. After applying two coats of Sherwin Moore’s high-gloss exterior paint, Mrs. Tello pulled off the blue tape to reveal the finished product. With flawless edges, consistent color and a smooth, bright finish, these nails were ready for a photo shoot!

“The best part is, now my nails are a perfect match with the shutters on my house!” gushed Irma Dalton. “And to think — I won’t have to get this done again for at least five years!
At publishing time, Mrs. Tello was at Home Depot comparing spackle products for possible use in repairing facial flaws.

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