New Blackberry Browser on the Horizon

Posted by David Chism | Fri, Jul 31, 2009

There is a beta ver­sion of a new third-par­ty brows­er for Black­ber­ry users called Bolt.” One of my biggest prob­lems with the Black­ber­ry is that it is rather dif­fi­cult to use the default brows­er when brows­ing web­sites. I use the web all the time on my Black­ber­ry and spend half my time wait­ing for pages to load or not load at all (caus­ing me to restart). The only oth­er brows­er I know that works rea­son­ably well is called Opera”, but I always revert back to the default BB edi­tion. The Bolt is not a bad lit­tle brows­er. It loads the entire web page on your Black­ber­ry, sim­i­lar to the iPhone. How­ev­er, the iPhone does a fab­u­lous job siz­ing the web­pages to fit onto your screen. The Black­ber­ry brows­er on the mar­ket just can’t do it…yet. You have to scroll side to side, up and down to see the whole site. There are a few nice fea­tures on the Bolt brows­er, but I still feel that it is a waste of time build­ing this pro­gram until it can be more like the iPhone brow­er. There is still lots of time wait­ing only to get a HUGE web­site that does not fit your screen well. I had prob­lems with the mobile” ver­sion too, which sup­pos­ed­ly does resize the pages. So, all in all, I’m not impressed with Bolt just yet. It is still in the test­ing stages. There is quite a bit more fea­tures I would add before mak­ing it avail­able to all of us. I will still keep Bolt on my device to play around with it. Some­times it just takes time!

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