New Homeowners Still Waiting for HGTV To Arrive

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Two weeks after purchasing their first home, new homeowners Flynn and Morgan Trenchman are still waiting for HGTV to arrive. Their morale is high, but certainly has begun to deteriorate.

Flynn, a part-time blog strategist, seems confused as he sits on the front steps of their $1,400,000 suburban home. “I don’t understand,” Flynn says. “We did everything just right.”

“Totes,” echoes Morgan, a part-time driftwood sculptor and full-time vegan.

Upon further investigation, the two do indeed appear to have followed the program. First, they moved out of Morgan’s parents’ finished basement, hunting for a home that was comfortably outside their budget in a suburban neighborhood that seemed important to them, but really had no impact on their life.

They also both were determined to have 3 bathrooms each, and an en suite for future guests that they’ll regret inviting.

Now, they are simply waiting for HGTV to arrive and complete their extensive remodel. After all, the countertops are the wrong color granite, and the expansive workshop over the garage isn’t conducive to driftwood sculpting.

Ever-hopeful, Morgan decides to venture down to the local craft brewery and listen to the live music. Flynn reluctantly follows, hoping to not miss the home improvement team while they’re gone.

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