New Product Announcement: Mirror Paint for Gyms! | A David Creation

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What is the most important piece of equipment in any gym, fitness center, or workout facility? Mirrors, of course! After all, who wants to lift weights or run on a treadmill if you can’t look at yourself while you do it?

Until now, fitness centers had to rely on conventional mirrors, placed on every available wall surface, so that no matter which way their clients looked, they could admire their toned abs and bulky biceps.

“The problem is that mirrors are expensive, and they’re dangerous if they break,” explained gym owner Antonio Golds. Another gym owner, Fabio Cros-Phit, added, “No matter how many mirrors we bought, there were always some spaces we missed.”

Not anymore! ADC Paints is proud to announce our best innovation to date: mirror paint!

Now, every square inch of your facility can reflect the strainings and sweatings of your preening patrons. Ceiling ducts, water coolers… even fire alarm pull stations will provide crucial motivation to the fitness fanatics.

So, what’s next? Our tech department is working to develop freeweights with built-in selfie cameras, so you can get perfect pictures of your workout without needing to set down a weight or ask a friend for assistance!

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