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Chism PFDFor those of you who are familiar with the Painter For a Day (PFD) program and wish to have assistance in beginning this in your business or need help with implementing it, I would love to help. My father, Mike Chism, was the original founder of the Painter For a Day concept for his painting company in San Diego, Chism Brothers Painting. He original started the program to service his existing clients who had small to-do items. When I came on to work for him full time, I began to see the benefit of marketing the PFD to potential clients so they could sample our fine painting services. My dad and I worked many long hours fine tuning the way the program worked at Chism Brothers and made it into a very successful part of our company.

After attending many PDCA and painting conferences and sharing our PFD success, many other painting owners began to like the concept and began to market their own Painter For a Day program. When I talk with painting contractors to do who use the PFD in their own business, they still struggle with how to sell and market the idea successfully. This is why I am offering my assistance to my clients, Summit members and professional PDCA members who are not direct competitors of my father or my clients! I can answer questions, help with the sales process, marketing ideas and even customizing proposal forms.

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