Painter Spends $878 on “Free” Color Samples for Client | A David Creation

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PALO ALTO, CA – At Abrush and Beyond Painting, owner Ben Rogers had a simple customer-relations motto: You Want It, You Got It!  “It’s our way of being a good neighbor,” Mr. Rogers always explained.

The customer service of this neighborly painter was put to the test recently, when a client asked for color samples to be painted on their walls. So, how did they do? The customer testimonial says it all!

“Mr. Rogers was exceptional! He came and applied 16 different samples of greige to my living room walls, so I could pick the best one. Then we decided we preferred tan, so he painted us 13 varieties of that. In the end, we really thought white was best. We had trouble deciding on the right white, so Mr. Rogers put 47 options on the wall for us. And it was all free!”

After using three coats of primer to cover the samples, and tabulating the overhead on the job, Mr. Rogers realized he had spent $878.49 on these “free” color samples.

At a recent crew leader meeting, Mr. Rogers was heard telling his painters the new company motto: “You want it, you’ll pay for it!”

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