Painting Crew Arrested for Arriving Before 8:00 AM

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Loma Linda, CA – At 7:25 this morning, police responded to a call from a groggy homeowner who claimed that “a bunch of men with weapons” were outside his home. The SWAT team was mobilized and the whole block was cordoned off by police, when a chopper circling overhead discovered the source of the disturbance. It was a painting crew, and their “weapons” were merely paint sprayers.

Tony McClintock, the foreman, explained, “We discussed this with the client, and it says right here on the contract that we would show up at 7:00. We get here at the right time, we knock a couple times, and suddenly we’re in handcuffs. What gives?!”

Even after the misunderstanding was cleared up and the homeowner was informed of his error, he still insisted on pressing charges.


Desperate to prove his point, the homeowner sought legal grounds to have the painters jailed. First, he accused them of disturbing the peace, then trespassing. When the police said these charges wouldn’t apply, he tried harder. “Racketeering? Aiding and abetting? Intimidation? Knocking before I’ve had my coffee?”

Upon being informed that the last item isn’t a crime, the homeowner insisted that they search the painter’s van. When a partially used jug of mineral spirits was discovered among the tools, the irate resident finally had his way. All four painters were arrested for driving with an “open container.”

At publishing time, the painters were waiting for their boss to come and make bail. Apparently, he was not pleased to receive their call from jail prior to 8:00 am.

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