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Fear has, in many ways, paralyzed our economy just as much as the social distancing. And, that fear is contagious. We’ve already seen it start to seep into the perspectives of business owners, especially those who own small businesses that simply aren’t built to withstand too much turbulence.

NOW is your chance to either hunker down and hope the storm doesn’t get too bad, or seize the opportunity to modify and improve your processes. 

Sales. Marketing. Leadership. 

It all has to work together, and it can’t be dictated by fear.

Stop Waiting for “Back To Normal”

Things might never feel fully normal again. Or at least not for a long, long time. You need to act now to make the necessary changes that will propel you forward. 

COVID-19 might very well have changed the game, forcing us to drive faster toward an inevitable shift to digital estimating and sales. 

During the pandemic and social distancing, this shift is 100% necessary. After the virus passes, having these processes and capabilities fine tuned and in place will give you a time-saving option. Imagine cutting down your drive time between appointments, or rarely ever battling traffic while watching 50 minutes burn that could be used SO much more effectively.

So, what does this look like?

Tips for Helping Your Ramp Up Virtual Sales and Estimation

#1: Get your team on board

Head trash is TOXIC in the sales world. Starting with you, make sure your team knows that this isn’t a necessary evil or a band-aid fix. This is what the future of sales will look like, and getting prepped NOW will position you for huge future success.

#2: Focus on the positives

These tools will help you be more efficient, close more deals, and stay in closer touch with clients. And, it very well may be all that keeps your head above water during this crisis. Other contractors won’t rise to the challenge, but you will.

#3: Get comfortable with CompanyCam and Zoom Right Away

These tools are invaluable, and will help you communicate smoothly and easily. But, you need to be as polished and comfortable with the tech as possible – practice it together, especially while your office is likely working remotely anyway. 

What Would the Virtual Sales and Marketing Process Look Like?

Let’s use an exterior painting job as an example. 

  • The estimate is set up, and you set the table by letting your client know exactly what to expect during the hands-free estimate process
  • Have a phone or Zoom call to run through the basic needs assessment
  • You stop by the home, take photos on CompanyCam and annotate the pictures
  • Send the client a Zoom meeting link and a link to their CompanyCam album (both are very easy to use!)
  • Share your screen on the Zoom meeting, walking through the photos you took and their estimate
  • Obtain a digital signature and get to work

How Should You Market During This Time?

  • First of all, don’t FREEZE your sales and marketing efforts. That’s the one thing you can do to guarantee disaster. Cut down and streamline? Sure. But don’t disappear.
  • Call old leads personally, or send an email/text campaign reminding people that you are working safely and at full capacity.
  • Stay positive! Don’t be fearful – be prepared and smart about your approach. 
  • Digitally knock on doors with targeted social media campaigns to specific neighborhoods.
  • Share your COVID-19 policy, but also share the fact that you have availability to work now and offer virtual estimates.

It’s Time To Go Commercial

This is also an ideal time to aggressively pursue commercial repairs/repaints. Facilities are closed, but property managers often still need your services and will use this time to get the work done.

The Big Takeaway? 

It’s all about your mindset right now. Don’t think small, or just “survival.” This is your chance to adapt and thrive with changes that you can continue to perfect and implement. 

So, what are you going to do?

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