Pipeline Deals CRM Essential Update

Posted by David Chism | Sat, Aug 20, 2016

 Pipeline Deals CRM Essential Update
Most of my paint­ing clients set­tled on Pipeline Deals CRM sev­er­al years back. It is a sim­ple CRM that just works. This short post is main­ly for those already using Pipeline Deals or for a few of you look­ing for an easy to use cloud CRM. When you login to Pipeline Deals you will go to the home screen which is a dash­board. The dash­board had a lot of dif­fer­ent items to update you on such as upcom­ing agen­da items, task, sales update and so forth. To be hon­est, the dash­board was not some­thing I used much or had users telling me they found much value. Yet recent­ly, Pipeline Deals updat­ed the dash­board with 2 wid­get reports that are invalu­able. It is because of these new wid­gets, I would strong­ly sug­gest every­one using the dash­board from this moment on! Take a look at these screen­shots: Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.03.30 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.03.43 AM


Do I need to say more? When you login, these are the first two reports you see. The first report is inter­ac­tive as well. This is the excit­ing part for sales man­agers and hope­ful­ly esti­ma­tors! If I am an esti­ma­tor look­ing at the above report, I want to look at the leads that are not closed yet from most like­ly to sell to least like­ly to sell. At that point, I’d then click on the most like­ly to sell sec­tion, in the case, Ver­bal Accept” to see what I might need to do next in the sales process.

Sales Man­ag­er

If I am a sales man­ag­er (or the own­er check­ing on a sales­per­son), I’d do the same thing. I would look for the low hang­ing fruit. I would then dial that in and check on how the sales­per­son is doing on clos­ing more deals. Once you are in a deal, I’d use the activ­i­ties” area and check in with the sales­per­son. It might look some­thing like this: Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.24.34 AM Once the note is typed and I tap Add this note” but­ton, it will send an email to whomev­er I have includ­ed in the note. In this case, Pipeline Deals becomes a pow­er­ful col­lab­o­ra­tion tool for your team.

What Do You Think of Pipeline Deals CRM?

This post was just to show the lat­est sales fea­ture in Pipeline and how I see your team using this awe­some tool to close more deals. If you are on the look for an easy to use Cloud-based CRM, Pipeline Deals is a nice option for a small con­tract­ing busi­ness. It is not over­ly com­plex. The prices are rea­son­able start­ing at just $24 a month per user. You can request a free tri­al and as always, their sup­port team is one of the best and most respon­sive I’ve ever expe­ri­enced. If you are using Pipeline Deals or used it in the past, let me your your thoughts on what you think about the prod­uct? Any changes you’d like to see?

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