In addition to the marketing management service and insight he provides, David has also grown strong relationships with key professional partners over the years. Each brings their own skillset to the table, contributing to a suite of comprehensive services for ADC clients to choose from.

In a general contracting role (or, some call him a “marketing quarterback”), David helps to assemble the team and coordinate all the marketing efforts with ADC Preferred Partners. 

Adam Zobel: Launch 

Adam is a familiar face at ADC, having worked for a number of years alongside David before founding Launch, his own content writing and social media management company. 

As the “go-to content guy,” Adam provides services ranging from smaller, standalone copywriting needs to ongoing social media and lead generation packages. 

Richard Elliott: Print Guru Marketing

Richard is known as the “print guru,” and he certainly lives up to the name.

Handling nearly all of our print, graphic design, and promotional material needs, Richard offers a wealth of marketing knowledge, design expertise, creativity, cost-saving ideas, and experience. From selecting paper stock to creating modern, attractive brochures, Richard is the man.

Bob Alesio: Industrial Clicks

Bob is a lead generation expert with well over 15 years of PPC (Paid Search) advertising experience. He’s the “been there, done that” specialist of pay per click advertising with a simple philosophy: be exceptional. His proficiency with search engine technology, keyword research, copywriting, and website analytics set him apart. 

Bob is a strategic thinker who blends marketing fundamentals with a clear understanding of business objectives, transforming campaign goals into actionable leads.

Michael Utley: GoEpps Digital Marketing

Michael and his team provide exceptional search engine optimization analysis and services, backed by a track record of success. From an in-depth review of your current site to website development and improvement techniques, GoEpps is a high-ROI option for online marketing channel management.

Joel Poortenga, Wishes He Were Adam!

Ice cream maker, English teacher, underwater gold miner, grocery store clerk, Spanish teacher, chimney sweep’s assistant, and marketing content writer. Can you guess which of those jobs Joel Poortenga hasn’t held? As you ponder that question, also consider the fact that Joel is a Canadian who lives in West Virginia and is married to a woman who grew up in Taiwan. They have 5 wonderful children! He loves woodworking, travel, and music, and he also enjoys yard work and home improvements. (By the way, Joel really did all those jobs!)

With a degree in English Language and Literature, and with many years of experience in blogging, content writing, and email marketing, Joel is an expert communicator for a wide range of settings.

Lauren Noll: Graphic Designer

An animal lover. A music junkie. But more importantly, an energetic designer with a love for typography, style, layout, and color. Lauren’s design career has exposed her to a vast variety of clients, projects, people, and places. With over 12 years of experience working with small businesses to large international brands, she has the ability to adjust and deliver successful visual design solutions to a wide range of client needs.