Quick Tip: Double Spacing After a Period is Not the "Norm" Anymore

Posted by David Chism | Mon, Aug 10, 2009

typewriter_antique_When writ­ing a blog, an arti­cle, a cus­tomer let­ter or any mar­ket­ing piece that has mul­ti­ple sen­tences, you don’t need to dou­ble tap your Space­bar any­more! Most Gen­er­a­tion X folks will not even know what I am talk­ing about (though I am one myself). How­ev­er, even I, when I first learned to type was told to hit the Space­bar twice after each peri­od. I nev­er real­ly knew why until I took my first Desk­top Pub­lish­ing course back in 1996. My instruc­tor set the class straight! The rea­son most of us (espe­cial­ly my par­en­t’s gen­er­a­tion) dou­ble tapped our Space­bars after a sen­tence end­ed was rather quite sim­ple: It was the stan­dard rule for typ­ing with a type­writer. Ahhh…but this was the rule before com­put­ers become the stan­dard way to write and com­mu­ni­cate. On the old type­writ­ers, the rea­son we had to dou­ble space was so we could eas­i­ly dis­tin­guish between the end and begin­ning of two sen­tences. If you did not dou­ble tap your Space­bar, it would look like a run-on sen­tence
(Type­writer Exam­ple (with­out a space): i.e. The days of a type­writer are ended.The days of the computer…) (Dou­ble Tap Exam­ple: i.e. The days of a type­writer are end­ed. The days of the computer…) (The new” Way Exam­ple: i.e. The days of a type­writer are end­ed. The days of the computer…)
The com­put­ers and word proces­sors today know when a peri­od is placed and how much space to place the end and begin­ning of a new sen­tence. So, it might take some time, but go ahead and try to break the habit of dou­ble tap­ping your Space­bar! It is now con­sid­ered Old-fash­ion.”

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