Quick Tip: Double Spacing After a Period is Not the “Norm” Anymore

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typewriter_antique_When writing a blog, an article, a customer letter or any marketing piece that has multiple sentences, you don’t need to double tap your Spacebar anymore! Most Generation X folks will not even know what I am talking about (though I am one myself). However, even I, when I first learned to type was told to hit the Spacebar twice after each period. I never really knew why until I took my first Desktop Publishing course back in 1996. My instructor set the class straight! The reason most of us (especially my parent’s generation) double tapped our Spacebars after a sentence ended was rather quite simple: It was the standard rule for typing with a typewriter. Ahhh…but this was the rule before computers become the standard way to write and communicate. On the old typewriters, the reason we had to double space was so we could easily distinguish between the end and beginning of two sentences. If you did not double tap your Spacebar, it would look like a run-on sentence

(Typewriter Example (without a space): i.e. The days of a typewriter are ended.The days of the computer…)

(Double Tap Example: i.e. The days of a typewriter are ended.  The days of the computer…)

(The “new” Way Example: i.e. The days of a typewriter are ended. The days of the computer…)

The computers and word processors today know when a period is placed and how much space to place the end and beginning of a new sentence.

So, it might take some time, but go ahead and try to break the habit of double tapping your Spacebar! It is now considered “Old-fashion.”

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