Quick Tip on Using Do Not Disturb Feature on Your iPhone

Posted by David Chism | Mon, Mar 23, 2015

I made a quick 2 12 minute video on how to use the do not dis­turb fea­ture on your iPhone or iPad.

Min­i­miz­ing Distractions

One of the hard­est things to do with the dig­i­tal age we live in is to know when to take a break from tech­nol­o­gy. We might all have dif­fer­ent rea­sons of why we need to shut off the reminders and noti­fi­ca­tions. For exam­ple, I know I have heard from a few of my clients telling me that they have missed impor­tant calls from a spouse when doing an esti­mate, because they made it a pol­i­cy to keep their phone either off or in the vehi­cle. With the do not dis­turb fea­ture, you can set it up so that only the most impor­tant calls/​text get through.

Maybe you are tak­ing an impor­tant 30 minute sales call, use the do not dis­turb function.

As for me, I am using the fea­ture on a sched­uled basis. At times, I am tempt­ed and turn it off and con­tin­ue to receive many text, emails and phone calls all the time, but my goal real­ly is to set bound­aries. This is some­thing I hope you all find help­ful and make plans to use this more often!

If you wish for me to do more short video tips like this on Google prod­ucts, iPhones, or Apps, let me know by email or in the com­ments. below. 

Quick Tip on Using Do Not Disturb Feature on Your iPhone

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