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Updated 3/2018

Below is a list of a few of the websites Pioneer Design (my web design partner) and myself have been involved with the past few years.

Our sites might have some similarities between them, but all these sites were built from the ground up. These are not themes or templates.

The cost on these sites also varies depending on several factors. Because these are all built from scratch, a lot of planning goes into them up front. The customer will answer a variety of questions about what he/she is looking for on a website. Our team also will discuss how large the site will be: how many pages, copywriting, pictures and extra features. Pricing for sites typically varies from $8,500 to a site with lots of content/pictures/features: $14k. All of our sites are built on a custom Content Management System (CMS), making it easy for your team to make edits to your site once completed.

Advanced Sites

  1. Chism Brothers Painting: High-End Professional Painters in San Diego & La Jolla CA: View Site
  2. Allbright Painting:  Painting Contractor in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita CA specializing in both residential and commercial: View Site
  3. Commercial Painting Examples: Painters USA and Kaloutas Painting
  4. MB Jessee: Painter in Oakland / Bay Area

Starter Sites (basic websites with 3-4 pages. As a company grows and more money is available, these sites will grow)

  1. Karen’s Company: Professional house painter in Lafayette, CO
  2. Brooks Painting: Residential and Commercial Painter in Davis CA

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