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If you are ready to move more towards the small gadgets for your reading, web searching, emailing and so on, then you are probably wondering if you should get an iPad, a Kindle or an Android Tablet, right? I hope to shed some light on some of the main differences between the iPad and the Kindle. I will not be focusing on Android Tablets or the Barnes & Noble Nook. I do have an Android Tablet but just don’t use it. I did not purchase the Nook as I was already a pretty loyal Amazon customer. I use both the iPad and the Amazon Kindle, and I like them both.

Why a Kindle?

The Kindle uses an E Ink technology which basically looks similar to ink on a newspaper. The benefit to this type of technology and the device:

  1. It is easy on the eyes compared to a computer or tablet screen.
  2. The Kindle weighs less than most books so it is easy to hold in your hand(s).
  3. It is so convenient. I personally like having books at my fingertips instead of a huge collection of loose books. I really don’t need to show off a room full of books to all my friends. Plus, I tend to lose books and spent too much time looking for them. I’ve also never been a big bookmark fan. The Kindle helps me get through a book from cover to cover because it keeps track of where I left off reading.
  4. The battery life is probably 10-20x longer than any computer tablet. The newer models of the Kindle can last up to two months on normal reading with the wireless settings turned off.
  5. Less distracting than other gadgets. We live in a world of distractions more than ever before. When using the Kindle, there isn’t much else to do on them than read. You can search the web using a WIFI connection, but it just isn’t worth it using E Ink technology. A Kindle was made for listening to audiobooks and reading a good book–that’s it.
  6. You can still allow other Kindle friends borrow your e-books and even check out books from your local library.
The iPad
The iPad keeps getting better and better as more quality applications and updates are released. I find myself picking up my iPad more than my laptop these days, because I can do a bit more with it. Here are some of the key features and differences between the iPad and Kindle when it comes to reading:
  1. The battery life is far less than a Kindle yet still very powerful: 7-10 hours (approximately).
  2. The iPad is more of a tablet computer than it is an e-reader. Yes, it has an iBook, Nook and Kindle App. And the Apps work great. You can pick up your iPad and continue reading where you left off on your Kindle. But it uses a full color screen, not E Ink technology. Although it is fine for a while, your eyes need a break from this full-color display. It cannot compare to E Ink.
  3. It is heavier than a Kindle. After 20 mins of reading a book while holding the iPad in your hands, you are definitely ready to put the device down. The kindle is around a 1/3 of the weight of an iPad, making it easy to hold for extended time periods.
  4. The iPad has so much to do and can be very distracting if your goal is to read a book. Believe me, I’ve tried it plenty of times before using the Kindle. I kept getting emails or thinking about something I needed to search the web for, which takes just seconds to do on the iPad. I really wasn’t getting anywhere. When reading on a Kindle, I do just that: I read.
  5. The price of the iPad ranges from $500 to $650. While the Kindle e-readers range from $79-189.
Which Device Wins?
Although the iPad can do what the Kindle does, the two gadgets are very different. If you are on the look out for a good e-reader, then get a Kindle over an iPad. You cannot beat the price. I use a Kindle Touch (latest Generation) and it is fantastic. I got the 3G version, but it was a waste of $50 since the WiFi is all I need. The older generation (Kindle 3 and earlier) were great too. The iPad, on the other hand, is an e-reader, a mini-laptop and a tablet. It does 10x more than a Kindle, but the price point of the iPad makes it out of reach for those looking to read more books. I also think you’ll read more books on a Kindle and get less distracted!
One Quick Word about the Nook vs the Kindle
Now, I did not really mention the Barnes and Noble Nook for a reason. I don’t own one. I also mentioned that I was already an Amazon customer. Amazon and B&N created their e-readers primarily to gain more customer loyalty. If you own a Nook, you can only buy e-books from B&N. If you own a Kindle, you can only buy from Amazon. Makes sense, right? So you must decide who you like doing business with more. I like Amazon because I have one account for all my other online purchases. Amazon has the upper hand because they carry just about anything you need! BUT the B&N Nook is incredible. The design features and usability are better than the Amazon Kindle. I absolutely love holding the Nook Touch. It is just about perfect. Yet, I won’t switch because I don’t want another online account and have already purchased a dozen or so books from Amazon.
(note: Don’t go with the Kindle Fire as then you’ll get more distracted and search the web…and the battery life isn’t great. It is Amazon’s first attempt at an Android Tablet).

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  • Torrey Moe says:

    Agreed. They are very different. I have both. One minor note on the Kindle app for the iPad. You can reverse colors to make reading less hard on your eyes.
    Really enjoying the versatility of my iPad two, as well as how fast it is… Worn having network connection.

  • David says:

    @Torrey Moe

    Hey Torrey. Good to hear from you. How is CA treating you? I’m headed there on Friday for 8 days. Can’t wait. I love reading on the iPad 2 myself too. But the Kindle so light in weight and less distracting in public! I spoke to a woman the other day who travels a lot in Europe. She said she carries the Kindle over the iPad because otherwise, she’d be a target. Burglars don’t want a Kindle!

    Let me know the next time you are back in MD and/or VA. Say hi to Carrie.

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