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New Facebook Business Page Update vs Twitter

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I’ve been using Twitter quite a bit more the past year. I preferred Facebook because it was not so fast pace as Twitter, but Facebook just was not very business friendly. For example, if I commented on a business page, it would always leave my comment as my name, not my business. On Twitter, I could post as my business! This was a nice feature as I could have employees do the same thing. Well, my frustrations with Facebook lacking good business tools may have changed starting today! Why? Facebook just released a brand new business page profile view and features. Everything that frustrated me seems to have been addressed and changed for the good. I can now switch between business and personal just by clicking a button on the navigation bar. I can now “like” and “comment” as my company, A David Creation, not ME. At times, I’ll still want to comment and share as ME, so I can click a button and comment as ME!

Why is this a good thing? It makes growing your fan base a lot easier. When you comment as YOU, not a business, people can click on your profile and become a friend. Maybe you don’t want to be friends with them on a personal level. Maybe you only want to be a “business acquaintance.” That is why commenting as your business name is so much better (keep business and personal separate). Now a company will see your comment as a business, click on your “profile” and be taking to your Facebook Business Page, not your personal friend page. I am friends with most of my clients on a “personal” level already and will continue to be! BUT these new Facebook features basically makes it a piece of cake to get your name out there to more prospects.

Assuming the new changes are bug free and are here to stay, I’ll be spending less time on Twitter and more on Facebook, because it is so much less intense for me. It is clean and organized. Twitter can make your head spin!

I am in the beginning stages of testing all the features out, but so far, I’m very happy with this update! What do you think? Are you happy with the new look and features?  Do you think Twitter will suffer because of these new updates?

How to Create a Facebook Fanpage for Contractors

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If you have not started a Facebook Fan page yet, get going! Don’t wait. Before I give you a few tips on how to get started, let me tell you what NOT to do on Facebook. Do not use Facebook as a means to SELL SELL SELL. Facebook is a Social Networking tool. A business page is called a “fan page,” and it is just that: people who like your content and company will become fans! They will “de-fan” you if you try to sell them stuff. Use it as a tool to connect, share and get feedback. I like to look at Facebook the same way I meet someone in person. Just start a normal conversation and try to keep it going in a conversational way! It is really pretty easy if you have good people skills. The only time you can sell is when you have VERY loyal fans, but even then, you can’t promote too much. For example, lets say you have built 200+ fans that seem to like your post and even comment regularly. Now it is the winter months and work has slowed down. You can very cautiously post that a few of your painters, carpenters and/or employees need work. If you have raving fans, they will help you out!

So, here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Create your business page here (Make sure it is not a group but a “page”) A Group can be important but that is for another blog
  2. Create your Custom Company URL (mine is: www.facebook.com/aDavidCreation) (This can be confusing. If you get stuck, send me an email…I’ll walk you through it)
  3. One the page is complete, fill in your company information, website information, Twitter and Blog RSS
  4. Create a custom profile image to use for your company fan page (any length but no wider than 200 pixels) View My Sample
  5. Make sure your Facebook page is posted everywhere: Linkedin, Twitter, Blogs, Website, Email Signature, etc.
  6. Tell your friends and customers to join the fun on Facebook. Tell them in a non-sales way! Just ask them to join and they will! If they need a little help, send them a link.
  7. Then start posting remarkable content and respond to anyone who comments on your site. If you don’t have remarkable and fun things to say, don’t use Facebook. If you get stuck, hire a professional Social Media writer or expert.
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