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Keurig K-Cup Coffee vs Nespresso

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Brief Updated 5/27/2014

(The original post I wrote in March of 2012. Until the Spring of 2014, Nespresso machines only produced American-style espresso. Now with the release of their latest model: VertuoLine, they are producing an 8oz cup of coffee and an espresso.)

I have yet to meet a person who has not tasted a Keurig K-Cup coffee within the last few years. You’ve seen the fancy coffee makers with several different flavors of coffee pods to try, right? What is the word on the street regarding its taste and overall functions? Do people like the K-Cups? It is a resounding YES. These machines are still selling like hotcakes. I attended a few paint conferences and both had Keurigs with enough coffee pods to keep us awake for weeks. Now, the big question: Have you ever heard of or tried the Nespresso CitiZ? What about their new VertuoLine? Probably not. Read More

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