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Following Up on Old Leads

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‘Tis the season for most service contractors to be busier than ever. I know what happens when you get busy, your follow up process on pending leads stinks. Am I right? If you are like most other estimators, it is almost impossible to wipe the pending file clean this time of year. So, do you have a plan for how you will follow up on these proposals in the future?

You Are Bound to Find Work 

The problem with not completely closing a file down is that you just can’t quite know if the job was a definite “No.” When you get super busy, your sales process can suffer. You don’t tend to ask for each and every sale because your pipeline is full and you are not as hungry for the work. So, by having a simple process for following up on old leads, you are bound to find more work. My suggestion is to follow up sooner or later. Don’t wait! You might lose a few jobs because people thought you were not interested. You can get a coworker or even hire a part time sales person to do phone follow up calls. This will help flesh out any pending sales that just need a little nudging.

6 to 12 months

Follow up. Stay consistent and see a boost in your sales. Most consumers don’t mind you being a little aggressive. Sometimes going the extra miles and pushing people a little is what they need. I am a fan of every six to twelve months sitting down and calling on old pending leads. Sometimes I’ve seen consumers not hire a contractor right away and just sit on their project doing nothing until one or even two years later.

Any of you have success calling on old leads? How has it worked for you?

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