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Embracing Uncertainty

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By mid-March, many of my customers were having record leads and sales coming out of the gloomy winter months. Things were looking up. I had just gotten through months of planning and setting the strategies for my customers and was looking forward to a smooth spring season with lots of leads! 

A week prior, I had just returned from New York City visiting A.G. Williams Painting, then spending a little time in Central Park. People asked me if I was concerned about the COVID-19 virus, especially after the risky NYC visit. In all honesty, I wasn’t concerned at all. 

The thought of a crisis hadn’t entered my mind. 

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My Resolution? Talk Less, Listen More, and Stay Positive!

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While reading the book “Letters to the Church” by Francis Chan over the Christmas holiday season, I was reminded by the author of how easy it is for people (all of us) to be critical. Thanks to the power of digital technology, we can express our opinions more easily today than ever before. Social media in particular makes it a cinch to share a negative review, experience, or opinion for just about all areas of our lives: religion, politics, family, and so forth.

Francis Chan obviously pointed out ways Christians need to really be careful of how they express themselves online and in person.

This is not a book review, but it did make an impact and leave me with this takeaway: be more positive in 2019.
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Branding Report on Amazon Part 2

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Now I get to tell you in this short blog some of the insights of the Brand! Below are some of the things I’ve heard, and you are all right on!

When People Think of These Are The Things That Come To Mind:

  • Free Shipping
  • Amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world: therefore, wants to (or is) the biggest online shopping company
  • They have everything from A to Z (notice the swoosh starting at “A” and pointing to “Z”
  • The “.com” means it is online
  • The swoosh represents a “Smile” | Customers experience dealing with
  • is easy to use, easy to navigate and is just an all around good shopping experience

What do people think when they see or hear your brand name? What makes you different?

A great book to help you understand branding better is “What Is Your BQ” by Sandra Sellani (She is a gifted speaker too!)

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