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Don’t Let Your Leads Freeze This Winter!

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As a contractor, regardless of whether you’re in the roofing, painting, or remodeling industry, we know you’re always thinking a season or two ahead. And if you aren’t, you really should be. 

Right now our clients across the country are prepping for winter, particularly in those areas that are most impacted by inclement weather. While you might assume that’s a problem only for those on the east coast, it really tends to hit our west coast friends too. After all, weeks of rain can halt production, creating similar issues to those facing snow and ice. 

Bad weather is bad for business, no matter where you live!

So, what can you do about it?

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Burned Out With Social Media

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I’ve been noticing in the past few months that a number of service companies are getting burned out with web marketing, blogging and (especially) Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that it is a lot of work and things to juggle. A few years ago, you could put a blog or a post on auto pilot, sit back and let the leads come pouring in. Those days are over. The fad of social media seems to be settling down a little, but it still is a reality that will be around for years to come. Social media is relational, through and through. It was never meant to be put on auto pilot and today, more than ever, it still is a powerful tool to use in your business. Don’t give up on it yet. I am just here to tell you that it takes work–hard work. Social media should complement the other changes you’ve had to make in recent years. I’m hoping the changes you made were what I believe is crucial: better customer engagement and service. Customers may not comment on your blogs or share your photos with all their friends, but they do see you on the web if you are giving them great content. It is a way to engage and have a good brand online.

Without further ado, I’d like to stop and let Chris Brogan’s excellent blog take over. Chris recently wrote a blog called “Social Media Fatigue.” He encourages his readership to wake up and use social media as a tool and think of creative ways to stay the course. Read Chris’s Blog and let me know what you think.

Toro and Social Media Success | Brand Report

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Take a look at what TORO has done with their Social Media Marketing (SMM) by spending time on their YouTube channel. Toro sells all sorts of lawn products. Boring eh? Well, they’ve made it not so boring by creating interesting videos that they feel will be well received. So far, they’ve had over 250,000 visitors watching their short clips. You won’t find a lot of promotional commercials. Instead you’ll see how Toro does “low budget” videos that shows their products in action. Consumers are tired of commercial, and TORO understands the power of Social Media. That is why they took “real life” footage and made believable clips. Great job TORO!

Painters, Remodelers, Service companies? You call can do the same. Just be yourself. Start a blog. Get a Flip Camera or use a Smartphone and start recording some video. If your content and videos are good…people will watch and read.

Visit the TORO YouTube Channel

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