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Posted by | March 22, 2011 | Marketing Advice | One Comment

I know many service companies are dying to get online reviews. It is not as easy to get them as it is for the hair salons, massage therapy, or restaurants. That is why every online review to a service contractor is gold! Getting a homeowner to take the extra 5-10 minutes to write those reviews sometimes is like pulling teeth. Therefore, I have two simple ideas to point out today:

  1. Don’t give up asking for reviews online. People want to help. So ask for their help by getting them to write about their experience online.
  2. When a client, on his or her own initiative writes an online review (again without being told), you need to go the extra mile and thank this client. Write them a note and/or send them a simple gift. Most of my clients work for very wealthy and busy people. Many of these folks won’t be avid online reviewers because of the time commitment. However, when they do, you know they are well pleased. Make sure you treat these folks as special clients. These are the ones that will be customers for life.

How do you get your customers to write online reviews? Are you having success in getting online reviews? Also, how have online reviews helped your business grow?

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