The New Blackberry Tour from Verizon

Posted by David Chism | Wed, Jul 15, 2009

 The New Blackberry Tour from Verizon
BlBlackberry Tourack­ber­ry recent­ly came out with anoth­er new Black­ber­ry for Ver­i­zon cus­tomers. It is called the Black­ber­ry 9630 Tour. You are prob­a­bly won­der­ing why they would intro­duce a new non touch-screen when they came out with the beau­ti­ful look­ing Black­ber­ry Storm late last year. The main fea­ture of the Black­ber­ry Tour is that it is a world” phone. (This means you can trav­el in over 100 coun­tries and use this phone to make calls, send emails, search the web and text.) I believe it is replac­ing the 2 year old World Edi­tion” Black­ber­ry from Ver­i­zon. That too was a won­der­ful device but lacked the cam­era fea­ture. The Black­ber­ry Tour also looks very sim­i­lar to ATT’s Black­ber­ry Bold. The bold is a lit­tle eas­i­er to type on and has a bet­ter qual­i­ty screen than Ver­i­zon’s World Edi­tion and Curve. The new Tour device has a real­ly nice look and feel to it and has a sim­i­lar inter­face as the touch-screen Storm. The screen qual­i­ty is far supe­ri­or than the BB Curve too. If you own a Curve or World Edi­tion from Ver­i­zon, it will be very tempt­ing to break your con­tract and buy the new Tour once you get your hands on it. The typ­ing is eas­i­er, the screen qual­i­ty and has a 3.2 Mega Pix­el cam­era! The only down­side I can see to the Tour is the size! Why is the world would Black­ber­ry build a new phone this late in the game that is so heavy and bulky? It is almost the same size as the Black­ber­ry Storm, which has always looked way to big to me. Why do I think it is big? Because the iPhone’s thick­ness is half the size! If Research in Motion can cut their thick­ness in half, they will have a phone that might get clos­er to com­pet­ing with the appear­ance of the iPhone. How­ev­er, the appli­ca­tions on the iPhone are still far eas­i­er to use and don’t lock up as much as the Black­ber­ry. The Black­ber­ry still has a rough time with its brows­er, while the iPhone loads with ease. If you are a small busi­ness own­er and need help with your mobile devices, I’m hear to help. I can help decide what device might be best for you and your staff.

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