Thinking Outside the Box: Stay On Your Client’s Mind!

Posted by David Chism | Thu, Oct 24, 2019

 Thinking Outside the Box: Stay On Your Client’s Mind!

After you wrap up a den­tal appoint­ment, what hap­pens? Do they ship you out the door and say, Hope to see you again someday!”? 

Nope. They sched­ule your next appoint­ment faster than you can rinse and spit.

Why? Well, they know how it works, and that if you don’t nail down an appoint­ment right then and there, they won’t see you again for a long, long time… We’re all good at procrastination.

Why not use the same tac­tic as a paint­ing com­pa­ny? Or a roofer? Paint­ing may be more fun than den­tal work, but sim­i­lar­i­ties still exist between the sce­nar­ios. Before you close out that job, sched­ule the next appointment. 

This is where you need to get a lit­tle creative…

How Can You Get Back in the Door?

Here are a few tips:

#1: Know Your Numbers

With the help of a busi­ness coach, deter­mine what kind of spe­cial incen­tive or fol­low-up offer you can pro­vide. Some­thing to sched­ule on the spot that gets you back in front of the client, and keeps YOUR name on their calendar.

#2: Present the Incentive

If you fin­ished an exte­ri­or paint job, maybe offer a free house wash the fol­low­ing spring. Extends the life of your paint, refresh­es curb appeal after win­ter, etc. Who would say no to that?

Fin­ish­ing an inte­ri­or paint job? Let them know that in a year you’ll come back and pro­vide x num­ber of hours of free touch-ups. Life gets busy, sur­faces get bumped, and you’d love to help keep their new look fresh.

Are you in a dif­fer­ent ser­vice indus­try, like maybe roof­ing? Offer a free inspec­tion or gut­ter cleaning!

You get the idea. It’s a ben­e­fit to them that keeps you top of mind, while also cre­at­ing a per­fect in-road for build­ing a long-term ser­vice relationship.

#3: Pur­sue AWOs Dur­ing Your Follow-Up

Addi­tion­al work orders will nat­u­ral­ly fol­low, lead­ing to more work down the road. It doesn’t need to be a hard sell, either — just make them aware of addi­tion­al ser­vices you offer. Many home­own­ers will nev­er explore ALL the ser­vices you offer, so you need to cre­ative­ly plant the idea, then plug those details right into your CRM

Don’t wait for the client to make the next move!

#4: Always Have a Next Step

Uti­lize your CRM and cal­en­dar to make sure your next appoint­ment is always booked. With the tools avail­able today, it’s eas­i­er than ever. Your client can choose their appoint­ment slot right on the spot, then receive a con­fir­ma­tion email. Super easy for everyone!

If you need a CRM, be sure to check out this arti­cle! We most often rec­om­mend Zen­desk Sell and Pipeline Deals (to help get your search off to a strong start). 

Build Trust, Build a Rela­tion­ship, and Sell More Services

It’s just a mat­ter of con­sis­ten­cy! And once that ball starts rolling, you’ll be the first and only name that comes to mind every time they need the ser­vices you offer. 

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