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My primary service is being a marketing manager and keeping service companies accountable with their marketing and customer service. My secondary service, which ends up being more of a hobby, is testing out cloud computing programs and mobile applications for contractors. Small business contractors tend to be on the road a lot these days trying to stir up work. Many of them use their time wisely by listening to books on tap and podcast, which I highly recommend. However, if you are like me, I sometimes like to use those short trips to do nothing productive but listen to good music. So what are the three top music mobile apps that I’ve used? I will list them in order of my top choice to third choice.

#1 Grooveshark 

Grooveshark works primarily on a Blackberry or Android platform. It can work on an iPhone, but the iPhone must be “jailbroken.” What does that mean? It is easy to do but complicated to explain in this blog post. If you really want it on your iPhone, shoot me an email and I’ll tell you how to get it on there: it is free and easy to do. Grooveshark lets you choose what songs you want to listen to. Once you select the song, you can create your own playlist. It takes a bit more work using Grooveshark because you have to manual put all the songs you’d like together. I tend to go through phases where I listen to 20 or so songs a hundred times. So for me, Grooveshark is perfect. I have a couple of favorite playlist that I play often. Once I get tired of those songs, I create another playlist. The only downside to Grooveshark is the monthly cost. It is free if you use it on your desktop computer, but if you want it on your phone, it is about $9 a month. Good app, definitely cheaper than just buying individual songs from iTunes, if you really like music!

#2 Jango 

Jango has recently introduced their own mobile apps to the Android and iPhone communities. I have been waiting for this App for about a year. I have not tested this App on the Android but use it on my iPhone. Although I like Grooveshark when selecting individual songs, Jango does an excellent job helping me select a good playlist. How it works: I choose an artist. Jango then gives me a list of similar artist. I then tell it whether I want to play more or less of those artist. Once I’ve built my desired artist, it will begin playing them. I then begin to rate whether I like the song and/or artist (like Pandora). If I don’t like a song, it will tell me it won’t ever play it again and will then ask if I want to continue playing music from that artist. It is pretty intelligent, because sometimes, I don’t like all the artist on a certain “station” that I created. Jango is still new to me, but so far, I really like it. The songs it is playing are pretty much right to my liking. The good part: it is still free!

#3 Pandora

I was a huge fan of Pandora when it was released. I wondered who the heck could ever compete with this company. I would play Pandora at my house, computer and car whenever I could. Grooveshark and Jango have truly done an awesome job in my book moving ahead of Pandora because of the customization features. Pandora is still a great App, simple and easy to use.

The only downside I’ve experienced with it is it is not so customizable. It also tends to play the same songs several times in a short timespan. Do I still use Pandora? Yes but not as much as the other two apps. My wife still is use to Pandora and plays it primarily. That is only because I have not introduced her to Jango!

What do you guys use on the road? Anything I’m missing that should be on the list? I’ve yet to try Rhapsody, though it sounds very similar to Grooveshark and is $9.99 a month.

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