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Take a look at what TORO has done with their Social Media Marketing (SMM) by spending time on their YouTube channel. Toro sells all sorts of lawn products. Boring eh? Well, they’ve made it not so boring by creating interesting videos that they feel will be well received. So far, they’ve had over 250,000 visitors watching their short clips. You won’t find a lot of promotional commercials. Instead you’ll see how Toro does “low budget” videos that shows their products in action. Consumers are tired of commercial, and TORO understands the power of Social Media. That is why they took “real life” footage and made believable clips. Great job TORO!

Painters, Remodelers, Service companies? You call can do the same. Just be yourself. Start a blog. Get a Flip Camera or use a Smartphone and start recording some video. If your content and videos are good…people will watch and read.

Visit the TORO YouTube Channel

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