Two Step Authentication-Added Security

Posted by David Chism | Sun, Jan 12, 2014

Two-Step Authentication-ExampleIs My Data Safe Online?

Are you using Drop­box, Google Apps, Ever­note or a pass­word pro­tec­tion pro­gram for your busi­ness? If so, you have prob­a­bly won­dered if your data is safe off and online. Am I right? In most cas­es, the answer is yes. The com­pa­nies list­ed above (Drop­box, Ever­note & Google) tend to take good care of your login account and data. They have to do this, because if there were lots of hacks and data stolen, their busi­ness mod­el would fail.

What Is Two-Step Authentication?

In this short blog, I want­ed to rec­om­mend one extra secu­ri­ty step you should def­i­nite­ly con­sid­er if you are pri­mar­i­ly using cloud-based pro­grams. It is called two-step authen­ti­ca­tion. You may have seen or heard about this sort of thing. A lot of well known banks have had this sys­tem set­up for their online bank­ing for years. Basi­cal­ly, after you login to your pro­gram, enter user­name and pass­word, if two-step is turned on, you will get an email or text mes­sage with a 6 dig­it code to type into your pro­gram. This adds a sec­ond lev­el of secu­ri­ty, ensur­ing that YOU, not a hack­er, is log­ging in to the cloud sys­tem. It might sound annoy­ing, but in most cas­es the two-step authen­ti­ca­tion mem­o­rizes your device for 30 days.

Do You Need Two-Step Authentication?

As explained above, I real­ly do sug­gest that you enable two-step authen­ti­ca­tion. As more and more peo­ple begin to use cloud prod­ucts, hack­ing and steal­ing infor­ma­tion will def­i­nite­ly increase. Even if you are using the paid pro­grams, two-step is still a good prac­tice. The chances of get­ting hacked are far more like­ly than win­ning the lot­tery. So take the extra time to enable it today. I will say that this func­tion is typ­i­cal­ly not an option for free accounts. So if you are using the pre­mi­um ver­sions of Drop­box or Ever­note, you can turn this on now. If your com­pa­ny is using Google Apps for Busi­ness Free Edi­tion, I would upgrade to the paid ver­sion strict­ly for this added secu­ri­ty fea­ture. You also get extra stor­age! Have you already been using two-step authen­ti­ca­tion? How is it work­ing for you? Any feed­back or comments?

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