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I think the days of using standard, template emails to get reviews from clients are just about over. I say “just about” because I know some of you are using this approach with success, but that success is moderate at best. 

In today’s world, most consumers are totally comfortable with hundreds (or even thousands) of emails piled up in their inboxes, and your email asking for a review is just going to disappear in the heap. 80% of the time, it will never be seen or responded to. 

So, what are your options?

Texting Clients for Reviews: Easy, Quick, and Convenient

I am a huge fan of asking for a review in person, but I completely understand the challenges many of you face in training your field staff to do this. 

My second favorite approach is to use a skilled office manager or assistant to call customers directly after a project is finished. This has a fairly high success rate, too. 

If those systems aren’t in place yet, then it’s definitely time to start texting. If done carefully, SMS (text) marketing and communication is a fantastic way to reach your customers AND get a response. Do it too often and you’ll be ignored, but if you are thoughtful, considerate, and right to the point, it can become a strong communication tool. 

But wait! Isn’t texting too personal?

I hear that concern a lot, and totally understand it. In this day and age, however, texting is not as invasive as you might think. People are used to getting reminders, confirmations, and notifications. A personalized, infrequent text from your business won’t be offensive to the majority (there will always be a handful who won’t be a fan, but that’s life). 

Texting Tools for Your Contractor Business

There are a growing number of software companies who offer SMS review services. 

Webfoot Painting, for example, has a custom platform one of their staff members developed that sends both an email and text when a job is completed. They have increased their online reviews by leaps and bounds since they implemented the texting feature back in August of 2019 (if you are interested in their system, shoot me an email). 

You can also look into software like TextMagic, Snap21, TextLine, BrightLocal, BirdEye, or Podium to name a few that offer SMS reviews.

If you are interested in exploring more ways your company can increase your number of online reviews, feel free to reach out to me.  

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