What To Do When You Get an Email from an "SEO Expert"

Posted by David Chism | Thu, Aug 9, 2012

 What To Do When You Get an Email from an "SEO Expert"
Do you get emails week­ly or even dai­ly from peo­ple who are guar­an­tee­ing they can get you onto the top of Google search engine? I receive them now and then and my clients get them all the time. I have a good laugh when I read over some of these. Here is one I found very humor­ous. I cut out a por­tion of the email and delet­ed my clien­t’s URL for the sake of pri­va­cy issues, but here are the highlights: 

The per­son then leaves his full name and phone num­ber, no com­pa­ny email or web address about his com­pa­ny. The email my client received above is first of all not accu­rate. There are far more than two Google back links” and his web­site does show up very well in search results. He has hired a rep­utable SEO com­pa­ny in the past that end­ed up being very ben­e­fi­cial for him. So this com­pa­ny def­i­nite­ly did not do their research. The thing I found amus­ing was the end­ing para­graph which reads, I found your site in the Google search…” That pret­ty much nar­rows it down right there. Whomev­er wrote this email found my clien­t’s site using Google search and then tells him the site in not ranked well at all. Folks, when you get emails telling you your site sucks on search engines and gives you a bunch of data as to why every­thing you are doing is wrong, con­sid­er this as SPAM. Don’t trust these emails.

When to Trust Now, if your web­site real­ly does­n’t show up well on the search engines, don’t get tempt­ed to call up a per­son of one of those bogus emails. Make sure any email or phone call you get is a legit­i­mate com­pa­ny. Make sure they have a qual­i­ty web­site and that IT RANKS WELL. That is right. Do a few search terms your­self and see if that SEO com­pa­ny shows up high for their own search terms.

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