Which One Should You Get: iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

Posted by David Chism | Mon, Sep 28, 2015

 Which One Should You Get: iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus
In 2014, I took a big leap in going from a 4″ screen size to a 5.5″ screen size when I upgrad­ed from the iPhone 5s to Apple’s largest iPhone 6 Plus. I spent 12 months with the iPhone 6 Plus. I pro­posed to use it no mat­ter what! This month I Pre-Ordered and received my next iPhone. This time, I opt­ed for the small­er 4.7″ screen that was fea­tured on the iPhone 6s. I want­ed to try the small­er screen because the iPhone 6 Plus was just big enough that made it chal­leng­ing to use for one hand­ed nav­i­ga­tion. Yes, even after 12 months, I was still more com­fort­able using one hand, or at least I pre­ferred a phone I could use with one hand. So, I switched to the iPhone 6s for this rea­son alone. iPhone6s-2Up-apple-2015 As of the time of this post, I have only had the phone for three days. Yet in just three days, I can now give some pret­ty good feed­back about which phone might be right for you. It will be dif­fer­ent for some of you read­ing this, as well.

iPhone 6s Plus as a Winner

If you are real­ly con­cerned about bat­tery life; if that is the one thing that you must have, then you real­ly need to invest in the iPhone 6s Plus. There is no way around it. The pre­vi­ous mod­el that I owned, the iPhone 6 Plus had incred­i­ble bat­tery life. On a nor­mal day of work, I can get through with­out charg­ing my phone. The newest mod­el, though it has a slighter small­er bat­tery, appears to have no major dif­fer­ences in regards to bat­tery life. This is because the lat­est iOS 9 installed on the phone allows the phone’s bat­tery to func­tion bet­ter. The iPhone 6s bat­tery life, in just three days, is not great. It is bet­ter than the 5 series, but so far, it seems to real­ly want to suck bat­tery life. I have not trav­eled these first three days, either. All of my time on the device has been most­ly on a WIFI con­nec­tion at my house. I have had a nor­mal amount of phone activ­i­ty and web search­es. At around 12:30 today, the phone was already close to 40% bat­tery life remain­ing. I unplugged it from the charg­er at 6AM, so it appears to lose around 10% an hour. If I was on LTE and not WIFI, I’d sus­pect that rate to be even high­er. The oth­er rea­son to look at pur­chas­ing the iPhone 6s Plus is because of the screen size, if your fin­gers don’t mind get­ting a lit­tle bit of a work­out. Some of you read­ing this have large hands. If that is the case, the iPhone 6s will be too small and the Plus would be per­fect. If you have small hands and do not mind using two hands for most brows­ing, the Plus is a great phone.

When To Get the iPhone 6s

So real­ly the only rea­son I can see get­ting the iPhone 6s 4.7″ screen size is if bat­tery life does not both­er you and you want to use one hand for most brows­ing. Oh, and it does fit nice­ly into your pock­et, too. I had a real hard time putting my 6 Plus in my pants. It was just so big and bulky. My 6s mod­el almost feels lost in my pock­et now; almost like my wal­let. I am almost always near a charg­ing sta­tion, so even though I want my phone to last all day, I am okay sac­ri­fic­ing bat­tery life this year. I do like view­ing things on the larg­er screen, so get­ting used to the small­er screen is still a work in progress for me, but all in all, the 6s works for a one-hand­ed phone user who wants to put his phone in his pock­et and not feel like he is car­ry­ing a mini computer! My dis­cov­ery is not rev­o­lu­tion­ary. It is pret­ty straight­for­ward, and I hope you will find this help­ful if you plan on upgrad­ing this fall.

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