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In broad terms, there is a critical hiring shortage in the trades. Many of my clients are holding job fairs, making huge social media pushes/promotions, offering incentives and signing bonuses, and more, all trying to creatively draw new hires in their door.

Others have developed their own training academies, putting willing team members on a clear track that leads from general laborer/apprentice to crew leader, oftentimes with the potential to make a really, really good living. We’re talking health benefits, retirement, paid time off, etc…

The stigma that can go along with working in the trades is being broken down, but a little too slowly (in my opinion). People need to see that these are AWESOME career opportunities that offer more stability and earning potential than many college graduates can claim.

women house painters

If we whittle this stigma down a bit more, we uncover another unfortunate stereotype: trades are primarily for men.

This problem is perpetuated by the fact that most home improvement hiring and social media posts tend to focus heavily on men doing the work. That makes a lot of sense from a traditional standpoint – the construction industry has been predominantly a male labor force for centuries.

But times are changing!

We need to celebrate the trades differently than we have before, and celebrate the fact that more and more women are joining the ranks.

So, What Can YOU Do?

Don’t just showcase your projects on social media – showcase your TEAM. Show all the diverse people who are working hard in your industry, building a fantastic career and life while gaining marketable, in-demand skills.

Let’s make the trades something to celebrate!

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