How To Ask For More Work and Get It

Posted by David Chism | Tue, May 14, 2013

A few months ago, I wrote a blog called Would You Like Fries With That.” I was inspired to write on the sub­ject of encour­ag­ing your employ­ees to ask for more work because they are more influ­en­tial than most of us think. They can eas­i­ly build rap­port on a project bet­ter than the sales­man and close more addi­tion­al work. This is a quick fol­low up to that post to keep encour­ag­ing you all to keep enabling your team to sell addi­tion­al work. It works! I fol­lowed up with my dad today in how his staff was doing in sell­ing addi­tion­al work. He told me that one of his crew lead­ers recent­ly sold $30,000 worth of extra work on just two jobs by using this state­ment to his cus­tomer, You should con­sid­er doing ______.” This was after my dad already men­tioned the same areas that need­ed work. The cus­tomer did­n’t budge until the painter, whom they loved, made the same obser­va­tion. In all sit­u­a­tions, con­tin­ue to be a com­pa­ny of high integri­ty and only look for things that real­ly are cru­cial. Encour­age and remind your staff at every meet­ing about this sim­ple yet effec­tive tool of ask­ing for more work and watch your prof­its and rev­enue increase.

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